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  • The Big Idea Package

    You’ve got a Big Idea

    - OR -
    You’ve got a product/service in search of a Big Idea

    Let’s wrack our brains together. Then I’ll wrack mine into a bright, shiny approach

    Then: Tell me what you need

             From teasers to emails to shorter sales pieces to long-form sales letters to VSLs.

    Give me your deadlines.

    I’ll write any or all of the above, depending on your needs and your timeline.

    Back to you with on-time, powerful, jargonless, words that explode your sales.

  • Video Sales Letter

    Today’s Most Persuasive Marketing Tool?  VSL

    • Cisco says: 80% of online content will be video by 2020. Don’t get behind on this.
    • Increase your click-through rate by up to 3X using video in your marketing campaigns. (AWAI)
    • 73% of consumers can’t be wrong. They tell us videos make them open their wallets more than any other form of advertising, (Animoto).

    Let me write your video sales scripts  - the lynchpin of your video marketing campaign. I will give you compelling, 3 -5-minute scripts that get viewers to take immediate ACTION.

    Ready to reach Millions of prospects? Most cost effective way: Online video sales promotion.

  • E-Mails

    Choose the cheapest, most effective strategy to stay in touch with prospects and clients: Response-generating emails

    “Catch and capture” for short.

    91% of businesses use email marketing. Keep YOUR message out there front and center.

    Early-stage relationship building

    • Be more fun, be more friendly, be more interesting
    • Be totally trustworthy
    • Provide relevant information, real value

    Try this for your marketing projects:

    Let me write 3-10 emails per project for regular release

    Short, persuasive, entertaining

    Convert prospects into captivated clients

    Keep clients close, always wanting more 

  • Trading Services

    Millions of investors long to get rich

    .......or at least better off.

    Millions believe the stock market is the road to riches

    .......or at least the way out of a humdrum life


    they could find a sure-fire
    method, system, or strategy
    to get there.

    They believe the “wealthy” (the already wealthy) like bankers, hedge funds, brokers, insurance execs are out to get them.

    Traders want something those scoundrels don’t know about.

                      Something special. Maybe even secret.

    These prospects will latch on to a strong, easy, step-by-step strategy (that seems to understand who they are and what they want) – like starving wolves.

    Years of selling my investment/trading services to Morgan Stanley clients -

    And years of consuming your ideas to feed my own long-term active investment life put me in a unique position to feed those hungry traders your exciting, insightful, trading newsletters.

    Let me write your proprietary trading service promotions:
    Benefits, how it works, endless proof, testimonials – via trade alerts, market insights, follow-up on all open positions (with all past trades archived).

    Be the go-to trading service for millions of hungry traders.