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    My approach is based on my long-term friendship with you.

    I’ve been reading you for years.  You used to mail me 5-6 page promotions once a month. Now you give me 3-40 plus pages – online –up to 3 times per DAY.

    It’s a whole different world. We’re evolving.

    My mandate – as your Wall Street wordsmith – is to write the best, most persuasive copy for you – delivered on time in good shape.

    I like to think. Read, research, and think. The copy you get from me might be unconventional – but it will be fresh. Sometimes – it might even have the nugget of a breakthrough idea.

    We both know everything going on around the world – from Kuala Lumpur to Winnetka, Illinois has a bearing on the markets.

    I love to think about these things. Every day I’m eating up bits from the news, books, The Economist, SNL, and overheard conversations. Gives me a sense of what true facts, “alternative facts”, hopes and fears, and economic forces are driving our markets.

    Every day I get a snapshot of who’s gnashing their teeth. Who’s celebrating. What’s rally setting the tone of the markets now and as far ahead as we can imagine.
    Right there, we’re on the edge of a Big Idea.
    Here’s what counts:

    • Empathy for our clients
    • Long-term relationships
    • The quality and range of our research
    • Independent thinking
    • Copy that always sells

    My copywriting goal is to add to your competitive edge.

    And there’s more …

    My work will save you time. You don’t have to bring me up to speed on finance. More time helps you stay cool under the constant pressure, making everybody marvel at your calm.

    I’m counting on you to tell me what you want – give me your materials and your timeline. We’ll talk it over – I’ll go to work – and your copy will appear like magic.