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  • About Pat

    Before my feet reached the floor at the banker’s desk, I was into finance. Around age 6. My father thought you could never start too early.

    Decades later, I wound up in the finance business. That’s when I met you. Your letters gave me ideas beyond my employer firms’ research.

    I’ve been reading many of you ever since. Now as an active private investor, I subscribe to your newsletters, your trading programs, your long-term investment plans.

    I’ve watched you go from a 5-6 page promotion mailed once a month to 3-30+ pages – online - up to 3 times per DAY.

    You added depth and color to my professional work. Now you inform my private investing life.

    I’m here to carry on our relationship. This time, it’s my turn to give value back to you.

    Just so you know, here’s what I’ve been up to in finance for 30 years.

    Early on, I wrote programs targeting Wellington, Fidelity, and other mutual funds. Purpose: get them to put soft dollars thorough our (Rochester, NY) firm. Pitching to those funds was my first, and scariest, big selling job.

    Institutional sales at Morgan Stanley followed. Covered Chase Lincoln First, Community Saving Bank in Rochester, NY; Erie County Savings, M&T Bank, Marine Midland (now HSBC) in Buffalo, NY; Toronto Dominion and insurance companies in Toronto.

    When local trading desks moved to NYC and Boston, I switched to the special art of retail sales. Pictures, step-by- step guides, graphs, listening, handholding, and above all teaching. That’s what selling is about for huge numbers of everyday investors today.

    So I know what I’m talking about in finance and I’ve got a real good, up close understanding of how your organizations go at this. I love this field and I’m working in it in a new way – with you.

    Here are some things I can do for and with you:

    Want a series of e-newsletters to broaden your base?
    Call Pat. Talk about a timely series. Each week check your inbox – free of worry – there’s the newsletter.

    Want research to support a great new sales approach?
    Call Pat. Talk over the idea and state the deadline. Presto – research lands in your inbox.

    You’re planning a package to jack up sales for your trading program.
    Call Pat. She’ll write a piece in ordinary words that motivates prospects to grab that program.

    You’ve got a Big Idea. Your staff writers are already buried. Crunch time.
    Call Pat. Describe what you need – and when. Bang – your copy hits your inbox.

    CALL PAT: 585.270.8260  Nine to Four Monday through Friday
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    Call or email for a free get-acquainted conversation. I look forward to
    working with you.