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      You want high retention rates.

      I write e-newsletters with a secret glue.

      Turns subscribers into loyal long-term clients.

      It’s not just the alluring bait. Not just the major promise. Not just the reams of proof.

      It’s the “You’ve got my back” feeling that every kind of client wants.


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      Your Guru’s got a Big Idea. A unique way to save investors multi-millions in losses while doubling, even tripling potential profits in six months.

      We talk. I research and write.

      You get from me: A Million Dollar Sales Letter

      - A unique headline take on your idea

      - Multiple levels of proof, graphs, testimonials, track record, pictures

      - Truckloads of research compressed into easy bits. Tells your story, proves your points, sets you apart

      - Closes the sale

      - “Aha!” Says the reader. That’s easy.  Gotta get that report right now or I’ll be ruined – and miss out on the payoff.

      Plain English. No insider talk. No jargon.    

      That’s a promise!


      You want to push bonds in your portfolio-builder promotion.We know that 52% of investors don’t get it about bonds.

      I write an easy, non-threatening piece about bonds, based on years of experience and research.

      The light dawns. Readers grab for the Buy button thinking:

      “Lead me to that safety net. Get me that predictable income.”

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      Every day you’re in the business of turning restless prospects into clients. And that’s not all. After that – crucially – you want to turn clients into long-term, loyal subscribers.

      I write words – lots of words designed to persuade. I’m here to help you with e-copy that reaches your target markets in plain language (no jargon). With well-researched, hot ideas. With commitment to your mission.

      My 30 years’ experience in the investment business taught me what consumers of investment advice and products want and what they most fear. That’s useful. A degree of emotional appeal helps sell.

      Contact me! Let’s have a conversation about how we can work together in pursuit of your immediate copywriting needs and longer-term goals.

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